Safety and Behavioural Detection Officers

Our Safety and Behavioural Detection Officers (SBDOs) provide our clients with a far-reaching, multilayered approach to safety and security.

An SBDO’s two primary roles are:

  • Identifying individuals who may be high risk, on the basis of an objective process using behavioural indicators and thresholds, and routing them to additional security screening.
  • Identifying safety and security issues and where necessary liaise with emergency services and co-ordinate asset response.

SBDOs are trained to establish an accurate environmental baseline through assessing the flow of traffic and observing crowds, gatherings or specific individuals to assess motivations, intentions and mood, prior to approaching stress points such as, security checkpoints, restricted areas or checkouts.

Our SBDO training program is based on techniques that have been used by Law Enforcement and Defence organisations for many years and employs a dedicated and specialised team that are highly trained in human behavioural detection and analysis. Unlike technology alone, behavioural detection has many benefits, as it does not become obsolete, it is unobtrusive, applied in real time, highly mobile, free of large equipment footprints and allows implementation in a variety of settings.

Our Aim

Our aim is to Deter, Detect and Defuse individuals that may pose a potential threat or operational risk. We protect your operations, employees, members of the public, brand reputation and product, through the unobtrusive identification of potential safety issues and early allocation of additional resources.


All our SBDOs are human behaviour specialists and have extensive experience in complex, culturally-sensitive and challenging environments with the Special Forces, Military or Police. Our SBDO program leverages this experience with the very latest research in behavioural detection such as the Facial Action Coding System and multimodal communication channels from around the globe.

What We Believe

We believe the most effective safety and security strategy requires a hierarchy of controls, a highly specialised team and a holistic approach. We will ensure your operations are given the most time possible to react to safety and security incidents with reasonable and appropriate action.

Our approach extends our protection beyond the range of our Tier 1 or Tier 2 security personnel and conventional safety and security operations.

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