International Operations

Fusion is a trusted international provider, offering a full spectrum of risk management, security, safety and consulting services.

With offices in Australia, and Kenya along with our strategic partnerships located in key areas around the world, we have a network of professional and articulate security specialists, experienced in working in challenging environments across many sectors from Government, oil gas and mining, diplomatic and executive protection.

With our unique combination of specialist skills, real world experience, and a sound understanding of threat and risk assessment methodologies, our tailored approach includes:

  1. Establishing our clients’ exact needs, motivations and project goals;
  2. Setting up measurable outcomes with clear objectives;
  3. Identifying, assessing and prioritising the likelihood and consequence of unforeseen events and risks;
  4. Auditing our clients’ existing policies, procedures and mitigation strategies currently in place;
  5. Making realistic, actionable and practical recommendations in line with your risk profile, project timeline and budget;
  6. Providing the necessary levels of support to implement adequate risk controls and co-ordinate resources to maximise your business opportunities;
  7. Providing ongoing monitoring and review of services to drive a process of continual improvement.

Our services are compliant with all relevant Australian and International Standards, including:

  • AS4421:2011 Guard and Patrol Security Services
  • AS31000:2009 Risk Management Principles and Guidelines
  • Work Health & Safety Act
  • 1-2006 Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • AS2201 Intruder Alarm Systems
  • AS3745:2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities
  • AS5050:2010 Business Continuity

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