Fusion Star Foundation

Our vision is a world where all children and young adults are supported to reach their full potential through equal access to education, health, social resources and opportunities.

Indigenous Australians continue to experience inequality in areas of health education and employment, compared to non-Indigenous Australians – ‘Closing the Gap 2019 Report’.  A minimum of 5% of all company profits are donated to the Fusion Star Foundation to run programs aimed at closing the gap.

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Traveling has the power to transform your life and shift the way you think about yourself and the world. In 2019 the Fusion Star Foundation gave 2 12yo Aboriginal youth and 3 mentors the opportunity to travel to Cambodia to step outside their comfort zone. The fresh perspective in a new environment helped the participants change their mindset and re-evaluate  what they thought was possible. The programs various activities saw positive outcomes from day 1 including improved self confidence, teamwork, attitude and resilience.


Our Language other Than English (LOTE) program provides culturally-appropriate books and learning materials to numerous schools in remote indigenous communities. We value the importance of maintaining the continuity between young indigenous children and their parents’ and grandparents’ traditions. LOTE books promote reading at an early age and encourage children and young adults to remain connected with their diverse history and culture.

Education Support

Quality education is the key to empowering young adults, creating opportunity and a brighter future. Our support and mentoring programs aim to improve educational outcomes and break the cycle of disadvantage, assisting motivated young adults to progress on into further education.

The Right to Play

The Right to Play is a mobile school sports program that was first established in 2011 by Troy Tinker and his family. The Right to Play introduces school children living in remote communities to sports activities that they would not normally have access to. Our sports programs include an introduction to National Rugby League, Cricket, Rugby Union, Surfing, Australian Football League, Soccer, Athletics, Volley Ball and other team building activities. Our Annual Kevin Tinker Cup brings remote indigenous communities together and instils the important values of teamwork and fair play.

Lady Liners 

Lady Liners is a reusable sanitary pad program that was first established in 2011 by Troy Tinker and his family, it has since grown to 3 small factories across Kenya and Uganda. Lady Liners empowers young women and girls with a hygienic and cost-effective alternative to homemade or high priced disposable tampons. Lady Liners aims to minimise student absences, improve education outcomes, create employment opportunities and provide young women and girls with the confidence to live life to the fullest.

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